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Chemtrails: pilot confessed ' We sprayed poisons'

I miss my pretty, blue sky from my youth and I am ashamed to be responsible for its deprivation.

Finally, one military pilot made a step forward for the humanity and completely revealed the truth about chemical spraying of our planet, which is something he does himself, writes

These activities are a part of illegal and extremely destructive projects, called “Global Chemtrail Program”. The following video presents a true story about a brave pilot who is devastated because he and his fellow soldiers perform chemical spraying.

Uncovering the information, he risked his life and the life of his family. While you listen to his story or reading the text, bear in mind the fact that chemical spraying is happening 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. This is just a part of his testimony – testimony of a man who sprays us.

“First of all, I would like to say that I disapprove what I do, all those tasks that I have to execute. But, what can a soldier do? Some of us believe that what we do is bad, completely the opposite of good, and from time to time we are quite upset

I need to tell you that they keep us in total darkness, when it comes to getting a straight answer about spraying the planet.

If somebody finds out that I or a member of my family is asking questions about Chemtrails, quick and fast disciplinary measures will come next.

HAARP and Chemtrails are two terms that we are not allowed to investigate and ask about. Our every move is under surveillance. Unless our children learn something in school inside the base, educating children in public schools and throughout own tutoring is forbidden.

One of the most frequent questions is why the pilots would accept to poison their own children! Personally, this is my way of dealing with that problem, but you have to know that over 80 percent of soldiers who work on these projects don’t have families, they don’t have children. They were carefully chosen by the highest ranged people of the air force, navy or coast guard, after years of indoctrination and training. Most pilots have gotten their anti-humanity „vaccines“ and the only thing they care about is killing as well as taking care of unwanted aspects of America and the world. I swear, most of them are like machines. I call them „Tanker Terminators“.

I should not be saying this, but almost one third of those “chemtrails” flights is controlled from some small “no name” island. Those islands are increasingly getting new military bases, and at least eight new bases show up every year.

HAARP antennas (a technology that can produce any kind of weather conditions in any part of the world) are located on those very distant islands, as well as other technologies. Navy even developed a sophisticated technology that can be used for building whole bases under the seawater.

This also provided conditions for building numerous autonomous robot-submarines which can travel long distances. There are whole cities under the water. Every time you hear or see something about mass military exercises at sea, well, that’s it. You will never be able to see them on, for example, Google Earth, apart from occasions when you, from time to time, run into some smeared map sections where the military bases should be. They can even photograph the location of the bases but they also know how to create fake clouds and mask those locations.

I completely understand your concerns for the safety of people.

But, this is how it goes. First, they show us a video of a catastrophic destruction of our country using some sophisticated weapons and then they inform us that there will be consequences if we refuse to fly. They are convincing us that our job actually is to build a defense shield and atmospheric weapons to protect our homeland and the world.

Our lives are at their service, and they convinced us that the secret world we are protecting, was created for our own good and safety. They tell us that the secrecy is our protection and that we should not be listening to the public and sharing their rhetoric.

All of us from the community of veterans know about the “flashpoint” program (FP-03).  This is the program of self-destruction of the plane and the pilot, and it can be activated from anywhere, from the ground, under the water, however they like. We are aware of the fact that if they suspect us, they can crash us just in 15 seconds.

They tell us that those programs serve only as a protection if we fall down into a densely populated area. But, it is terrifying to fly knowing that they can remotely control our aircrafts. Unconsciously, we all know that this program is actually the program meant to control us and our actions. They would rather kill us during the flight than to let us act publicly.

Have you ever seen that any crew member survived the crash? Every fallen plane was totally destroyed. There is a good reason for that – we know that. We risk our lives with every flight. Especially when we fly at night.

They require from us to fly lower and lower. We feel like some massive “dark forces”, like crop dusters, and people see us because we fly very close to them. Some farmers even fire at us. But the media will never consider this information. They simply ignore the facts and never publish them. They are also not allowed to know, participate or follow our flights. That is the truth.

You should see those deep and detailed reports from our missions. Some of them even leaked out, and you can find them discredited, under the label “conspiracy theory”, and through the alternative and intentionally discredited media.

It is very hard to find someone who is willing to risk and speak about this, like myself.

Even my crew would arrest me and take me to the military court, if they knew about our conversation. That is the reason I cannot communicate directly via e-mail. I would very much like to go home, without giving them even a second of that poisonous flight.

I miss pretty, blue sky from my youth and I am ashamed to be responsible for its destruction. Maybe some of my colleagues will read this and decide to consider the common good.

I am just a little piece of a bigger picture, known to very few people. So, this is only a tiny part that I know about, but the truth is much more complex. I think that the world should be aware of this secret kingdom, and these new important activities happening across the planet. Spread the word.”

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