sabato 25 marzo 2017

Bilderberg conference 2017: 1-4 June, Chantilly, Virginia?

Bilderberg conference 2017 - 1-4 June, Chantilly, Virginia?
Westfields Marriott In Chantilly

Looks like this will be the first US Bilderberg without the late great Jim Tucker

If it is there, various Islamaphobic (Alex Jones/Prison Planet) or anti-Semitic (American Free Press) counterfeit Jims will no doubt be there 'reporting' this year

Looks like the Marriott hotel is block booked
check for yourself here

see here for activist/journalist hotel
Bilderberg 2017 activist hotel Hyatt at Dulles airport if Bilderberg is Chantilly Virginia 1-5 Jun

Looks like a double whammy in the USA this year to shape "Art of the Thiel" Trump. Rothschild agent Mnuchin, Yellen, the money bund snakes, and of course Kissinger have a grip:

No pre-announcement on their site as usual by the Trilateralists. But confirmed that they meet earlier than usual March 26-28 in DC:

Lacking plausible deniability, Bilderberg announced on their site ~60 days prior each of the past couple of years. We shall see if the pattern continues in the coming weeks

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