venerdì 8 maggio 2015


For the purpose of MAXIMUM commercial selling of fruit and vegetables in the world there is a new very advanced technique for processing fruit called CARPOTECNIA (‘karpos’= fruit) with which is possible to simulate all the omnivore dishes. The Italian Parliament and Government have approved a motion related to tax incentives for eco-conversion from animal husbandry to CARPOTECNIA. This is coherent with the anatomical and physiological frugivorous structure of the human species, and whose industrial production determines the minimum environmental impact than any other type of food, as can be seen also from the following two schemes.

Follow 7 photos of examples of carpotechnical dishes made ONLY
by the three main types of fruit: sweet fruit (apple, peach, banana, etc.), vegetable fruit (tomatoes, zucchini, pumpkin, etc.) and fat fruit (avocado, olives, olive oil, etc.), it means dishes made by 100% fruit and vegetable fruit, reproducing such as cake, tiramisu, lasagna, meat, McFruit, pizza, spaghetti, etc.

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