domenica 24 gennaio 2016

Fruitarian Community in Costa Rica

There is hardly anything more appealing, yet apparently more elusive, for humankind at the end of the 20th century han the prospect of living in harmony with nature and with each other.
                  —Robert and Diane Gilman, Ecovillages and Sustainable Communities

We are a group or people joining with full commitment in this common vision:

- To engage in setting up a permacultural fruit forest, aiming self sufficiency in the shortest time possible.
- To co-create with Nature a safe environment where we can live in harmony and simplicity.
- To help each other and grow together in profound respect to ourselves, each other and Mother Earth.
- To become an example of how to live in a sustainable way in all aspects.
- We don't support any animal suffering or killing, consumption of drugs, chemicals or harmful products for our bodies or the environment.

-Mentally strong
-With great level of emotional maturity
-Someone who get along with each other in a community environment
-Not shy to tell about what they like and what they need
-of course, one with our vision written above...
Then we would be very happy to connect with you! The beginning stages are very tricky, in the future we hope to be more flexible on "requirements"...

winter gathering for fruitarian community in Costa-Rica!

Hello dear fruit heads of the world!Gathering for the creation of the fruitarian community in Costa-Rica!!

Its with pleasure that we invite all the fruit heads of the world to come and either witness or be part of this wonderful event that will occur this winter, from December 10th to the middle of.... May!

 Or come for however long you want! If your looking for a nice place to spend the winter, sur...

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