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Why does $500 trillion rich Rothschilds are not on Forbes richest people list?

Cory A. Martin:

 It has to do with two key issues: dilution/distribution and private wealth.


Rothschilds do not hold their wealth in public companies (otherwise it would be rather simple to calculate a rough idea of how much money is actually held throughout the family. With no requirement to disclose key financial metrics like revenue and profit, the best we can do is guesstimate the growth and current status of their wealth


The Rothschild's money is now in several families and companies, across the globe. It would take an immense amount of time and effort to truly figure out where it all disseminated to and how much is where. Although theoretically possible, there is no real value gain by knowing where it's at and how much is there.

Some families like the Rockefellers are a bit easier because the money is also 'newer' and hasn't had the ability to really grow and escape down dozens and dozens of family lines.

Sanjay k. Singh:

 Some members of both Rothschild and Rockefeller family are listed on Forbes Billionaires as of today. Since the stock values fluctuates everyday, they tend to go up and down the billionaires list.

Currently (as of Dec 2015), there are 2 Rothschild listed on Forbes Billionaires list.

#1036 Jeff Rothschild $1.8B
#1122 Benjamin de Rothschild $1.7B

Benjamin de Rothschild is from the Rothschild family. Another family member, Nathaniel Rothschild was listed on #1153 in 2012 Forbes list. Jeff Rothschild is not from Rothchilds family - he was one of the very first executives at Facebook and his wealth is from Facebook.

Currently (as of Dec 2015), there is 1 Rockefeller listed on Forbes Billionaires list.

#601 David Rockefeller, Sr. $3B
David Rockefeller is world's oldest Billioniare and the grandchild of John D. Rockefeller.

You can see the list here with real time updates (filtered for Rothschilds, but you can change the filter in search box when page loads)

The Forbes World's Billionaires list is the definitive list of the world's wealthiest people, profiling and ranking billionaires from 70 countries by their estimated net worth.

Now, to the original remark - Rothschilds are not $500 trillion USD rich. May be 5 or 10 trillion usd max combined. Even all of the world's riches together are not that much wealthy.

World's total estimated earned wealth is about $300 trillions as to 2015. Top 3% account for about 75% of this amount which is about $200 trillions.

New Oxfam report says half of global wealth held by the 1%

The 1 Percent Hold Nearly Half Of Global Wealth

Rojan Mehta:

#1121 Benjamin de Rothschild (Net Worth As of 11/18/16) : $1.65 Billion

Baron Benjamin de Rothschild is a descendant of the French Rothschild banking family. He is the only Rothschild you can know from the internet database.

Unlike royal families, which don’t have to reveal their wealth and are excluded from Forbes’ Rich List, the names Rothschild and Rockefeller, which have an unimaginable amount of wealth, manage to escape the public eye year after year. Some claim the reason why the Rothschilds are on the famous Rich List is the distribution of wealth: both families have many descendants and wealth has been fairly allocated to every one of them, but individually they are not rich enough to make it to the Rich List, The Richest noted.

But the real reason is simply that the family is private and the agreements are held through private partnership arrangements. This is the reason they have not come in the eyes of public as they are not obliged to disclose their wealth legally.

The Rothschild family remains the wealthiest family in human history and, according to The Richest, it still possesses roughly US$350 billion in assets throughout the world. The same publication mentioned that the secrecy which surrounds the Rothschild family and the scale of their operations have prevented anyone from estimating exactly how much this family is worth.


Benjamin de Rothschild
The Dynasties

Pendhamma Sindhusen:

Actually,at the peak of their power,the Rothschild family’s members were worth $350 billion combined and John D. Rockefeller’s net worth is $663.4 billion,not $340 billion (This net worth are at the peak of their power and including their all assets.),but at their death,their net worth were lower before (John Rockefeller only got $11 billion remains when he was dead) and their heirs start their business,but there were some problems that made them couldn’t rebuild their empire(mostly because they didn’t have enough money to invest more) (Rockefeller family couldn’t rebuild their Standard Oil empire because the Sherman Anti-trust law and they didn’t have enough investment),made their family’s fortune plummet and the Rothschild and the Rockefeller family were forced to invest in the new business and there were many competitors in every industry,limiting them in a smaller market,not on the top anymore (and some of them left business and began in other occupation like John IV (Jay) Rockefeller started in politics).

Another reason is these family,now,have less members than before,make their power less,too.And some of them donated a mass of money like John Rockefeller who donated over$550 million in his life time,the equivalent of $100 billion today (more than 15% of his personal net worth.

In the case of Rothschild family,they donated some money and they became the major banking in Europe,but at the end of 19th century,the Rothschild family began to sank down(,but they still controlled the biggest banking empire in the world) and many times,the depression had a massive effect on the banking industry including the Rothschild family,too.

Himanshu Kumar:

This is because the Rothschild’s wealth has been distributed amongst hundreds of heirs throughout the years, and has therefore diluted each individual’s personal fortune. With this being said, it is estimated that the Rothschild Family as a whole still possess in the region of $350 billion USD in assets throughout the world. Bear in mind that this is a low estimation. Due to their great secrecy, the sheer amount of assets they hold, and the scale of their operations, it is difficult to estimate exactly how much the Rothschild Family are worth. Higher estimates have placed it in the region of $1 trillion USD, making them by far the wealthiest family on Earth.

Steven Hager:

Does anyone think this is a real question and not something deployed by counterintelligence to mine for potential recruits to the radical right wing? The question is slanted. First, dynastic families hold their wealth in the corporations they control, the trusts they control, the foundations they control, the banks they control, and the real estate they own. Forbes is using IRS information to rank according to visible income. The reasons these dynasties created the foundations was to shelter income from taxation by donating to causes that enhanced their agendas.

A M Southern:

Actually they are listed on the Forbes Family net worth lists at the top with something like $500 billion but definitely not trillion there simply is not enough economic activity over even the last 4 centuries for a 50 member family to acquire that. But the half trillion seems accurate.

Zach Chai Sr.:

As the presumed level of wealth is unheard of and much of it is still hidden and the Rothschild family is a conspiracy of sorts. The level of wealth that Himanshu Kumar has suggested is within the realm of possibility for a family that has created substantial holdings that has been passed down.

Alex Tamman, Researcher:

The Rothschilds are really that rich and are worth trillions of dollars but according to Forbes and you can check any Forbes 400 issue they say that the way they rank is:

“We do not include dispersed family fortunes (like the DuPonts) when individual net worths were below our minimum. But we did include wealth belonging to a member’s immediate relatives if the weath could be traced to one living individual; in that case you'll see “& family” on our list as an indication.”

This is according to Forbes.

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