lunedì 25 gennaio 2016

The Great Fruitarian Debate between Dr. T. C. Fry and Dr. Ralph Cinque

In this most lively intellectual debate, Dr. Fry shreds his colleague, Dr. Cinque, proving why we are natural fruit eaters and why fruitarian eating is far more nutritious than any other diet. 
Dr. Fry reveals why the fruitarian diet, which includes to a minor extent some vegetables, is more than adequate in its nutrient composition because nutrient norms are established on skewed and false medical norms based on statistics with diseased people who are not normal. Dr. Fry boldly discusses the intellectual dishonesty and denial of the nay sayers who refuse to accept our fruitarian heritage and modern-day sensibilities. He also reveals why the myriad "faults" of fruitarianism are baseless and unscientifically ascribed. And he shows that a fruitarian diet is environmentally friendly while all other diets are earth-exploitative and contribute to destruction. This gem of a booklet contains firsthand accounts by fruitarians who reveal how well they're doing on the fruitarian diet. After a read, you’ll come away with the confidence to eat the diet you were designed to naturally enjoy and thrive on, and you’ll triumph over the pervasive negativity surrounding the fruit-based diet. 

Price:$ 7.95 

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