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FRUTTEMBERG in the beautiful Tuscany hills: SUSTAINABLE FRUITARIANISM, from Friday August 31st to Sunday September 2nd 2018

Welcome to the first Italian Fruttemberg opened to English speaking people
It is a path towards a conscious nutrition

Through the MMA protocol described later we are able to induce an important detox and the maximum availability of energy during the day

All the food served during the event is prepared with love by the staff of COSMO FRUTTARIANO

 It has a very low environmental impact and it is one of the most important key that characterized the success of the previous events

Sustainable Fruitarianism is composed not only by the MMA protocol that allows the body to detoxify but also by a fruit based diet based on sweet and veggie fruits (eg. Tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, eggplant etc)

INFO and reservations: send a message WhatsApp 00393917729201

It also avoid the dangerous effect of all acidic fruits, dehydrated sweet fruits and fasting

Conferences, relax and music in the very green village of Impruneta will allow the group to enjoy this weekend

For the first time all workdhops will be translated to English

Some pictures of the place and the amazing food can be found on the original link of the event:

The name “Fruttemberg” comes from the event “Bilderberg”

The latter is a closed and secret event organized every year around June kept under surveillance by the local army

Crucial decisions are taken in a totally undemocratic way Participants are important members of the world’s economy, politics, mass media, and in particular the biggest private banks which own the central banks (responsible for the big fraud of the Seigniorage)

The pacific revolution starts with the teaching of Armando D’Elia and continues with the innovative and sustainable fruitarian cuisine.

INFO and reservations: send a message WhatsApp 00393917729201

It is also connected to the Monetary Sovereignty and the tools of Direct Democracy (e.g. the participative budget and the Swiss legislative referendum)



19.30 – 20 Presentation of the fruit event
20 – 20.30 Self-introduction of all the participants with discussion
20.30 – 21 Relax with the sweet fruits

21.00 Start of the sequential dinner with the delicious and abundant courses made of veggie fruits, fat fruits alu kesel or plantain

23.30 Lots of Fun with the Disco music


Free morning for relax in respect to the catabolic phase

13.00 – 14 Discussion between all participants about nutrition

14 – 14.30 Conference of Max Gaetano about “Multidiversity: a multi-disciplinary approach to sustainable fruitarianism and to the MDA and MMA nutritional protocols”

14.30 – 15 Discussion among the participants

15 – 15.30 Conference of Max Gaetano about “The future of Architecture: Geodetic domes, R. Buckmister Fuller, Eden Project, Cavallè houses in Via Lepanto (Milan), the famous geodesic glass dome of Taranta Peligna, the Spoletosfera, the geodesic greenhouses and the futuristic houses”

15.30 – 16 Discussion among the participants

16 – 17.30 Conference of Antonio Pimpini about “The Auriti case : Seigniorage and Currency sovereignty”

17.30 – 18 Discussion among the participants

18 – 20 Relax on the sunny hills of Tuscany
20.00 Start of the sequential fruit dinner
23.00 Fun and joy together with music


Free morning for relax in respect to the catabolic phase
13 – 15 Experiment of direct democracy
15 Greeting with the hope to see each other again at the next Fruttemberg 

Prices (per person)
Worshops + food with the MMA protocol + Accommodation in triple room:
165 euros

Worshops + food with the MMA protocol + Accommodation in double room:
190 euros

Worshops + food with the MMA protocol + Accommodation in single room:
235 euros

MMA Protocol
The concept is to consume sweet red apples during the whole day (breakfast, lunch and snacks) and the evening the sequential alkaline dinner

Breakfast M (mela in Italian = apple) – Apple

Lunch M (mela in Italian = apple) – Apple

Dinner A (Alcalinizzante in Italian = alkalizing) – Sequential Alkaline (based on sweet fruits, veggie fruits and fat fruits)

The MMA protocol allows a strong detox by following the circadian rhythms

INFO and reservations: send a message WhatsApp 00393917729201

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